Another Reason to Love Firefighters

On Friday the local fire department contacted our school with a proposal.  They would show up on Monday at the end of the school day with a ladder truck and spray into the field creating the ULTIMATE SPRINKLER!

Teaching on Monday was a lot like a road trip on the way to some amazing destination. Every 20 minutes the students would ask, “Are the firefighters here yet?!”  When the truck finally arrived the anticipation was quickly becoming hysteria.

In the 10 minutes it took for the ladder to extend and the firefighters to hook up to the hydrant I was probably asked about 100 times, “Can we go now?!”  When the water started spraying there was no holding them back.  Just when they didn’t think it could get any better, a firefighter hooked up a second hose and kids took turns spraying into the crowd.

Moments like this are what the best memories are made of.

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